#hardeningfreedom – Olivia Jones sets an example at the act of state to honour the German Constitution. These pictures are sure to travel the world.

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When the cameras at tomorrow’s act of state for the 75th anniversary German Constitution will show the guests one person is bound to stand out: Olivia Jones decided on a special whig and a dress carrying a significant message.

The black, red and golden outfit is an intentional reminder of the Statue of Liberty and the inscription on her sash reads #freiheitschützen (#hardeningfreedom).

What she means to say by this look has been published in an open letter by Olivia in the name of the Olivia Jones family on www.olivia-jones.de

„Today is a day of celebrations but also a day of warning: After two world wars with millions of dead and mass squalor, the constitution provided Germany with the longest-running period of peace, prosperity and personal freedom.

In many countries, however, this freedom is at stake.

Political debates are trying to learn from negative examples set by others like Poland and Hungary to protect the German constitution before it is too late.

Justice has to remain impartial. Judges have to remain impartial, so that we will be able to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our constitution in freedom without populists and despots telling us to do so.

The guest list of today’s act of state shows the power of our constitution: So many diverse people are invited, people of diverse ethnicity, sexual orientations, diverse political backgrounds, diverse religious beliefs. Even a colourful drag queen. This is the power of our constitution.

Our constitution protects our freedom. For this to remain like that we must protect our constitution now in return. This is what #freiheitschützen (#hardeningfreedom) stands for. Article 1 of our constitution reads: „Human dignity shall be inviolable.“ However, our constitution itself isn’t inviolable sufficiently. We must all work on that.

I sincerely wish that matters like these are being discussed in other free European countries and across the world. We must wake up. So that we won’t begin to appreciate the value of freedom once it is too late, namely when it has been taken away from us.“

Photos and videos covering the event will be published on May, 23th on Olivias Instagram Account:


Zur deutschen Version des Artikels

Olivia Jones als 'Miss Grundgesetz' im Paul Löbe Haus
Olivia Jones im Paul Löbe Haus
Olivia Jones mit Angela Merkel
Olivia Jones mit Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier
Olivia Jones mit Ex-Bundespräsident Joachim Gauck
Olivia Jones mit Claudia Roth und Cem Özdemir
Olivia Jones mit Margot Friedländer
Olivia Jones mit Yasmin Fahimi
Olivia Jones roter Teppich